Henna Paste is a quality product of Mashi Exports, INDIA
Djamila Henna Paste is ready mix henna paste packed in tubes. This is applied on feet and hands on festivals and functions.

Henna Paste Tube is used to adorn the hands & feet of young girls and women specially on auspicious days and during weddings. These Henna Paste Tubes are convenient and easy to use. Just crimp the seal of tube and put the nozzle provided in the box on the tube and paste flows out forming very thin lines to make designs. Keep the paste over hands/feets for about 4-6 hours and then wash it off. Over time it gets dark colour and eventually dark deepen black colour.

It is also used for making fashionable tattoos lasting for a few days having no side effects. Body painting and Tattooing began thousands of years ago in some parts of the world, but today they have made their mark on the streets of Paris, New York and countless others across the world.

It leaves a dark brown black temporary tattoo. The color and intensity will vary depending on what part of the body it is used and how long it is applied.

Henna, a powder obtained from the crushed leaves of the traditional Indian plant 'Lawsonia Inermis'. This plant contains Lawsonia, pure natural substance which produces red colour that not only colours 'hair' but also the nails, fingers, palms and soles. The leaves and seeds of the plants possess medicinal properties. It leaves hair shiny and smooth. Since time immemorial Henna is adorned by Indian women on their feet and hands. It protects skin from diseases. It acts as a cooling agent for head and body. Henna contains those natural ingredients which are vital for hair nourishment. It is also used for body tattooing, textile dying and tanning. The principal advantage offered by Henna as a modern hair colour, is its eco-friendly nature and healthy for body.

Manufacturing Procedure : The choicest henna leaves are handpicked from our own farms . Thereafter they are sifted at the farm to remove twigs and impurities. Then the leaves are crushed to make smaller leaves and sent to our factory. Here once again the leaves are sifted for twigs and after that grind in pulverizer machine. Now the fine powder is sifted in sifter machine with mesh size of 25 mesh. After this the cleaned henna powder is again sifted in sifter machines with mesh size of 50 mesh. The result is a very fine henna powder. The Henna Powder is then mixed with water and henna oil to form henna paste which gives thick color on hands and feet.

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