Perfumed Talc is a quality product of Mashi.

Shahrazed Perfumed Talc is nice soft talc with fantastic fragrances. It is availabe in six fragrances, namely temptation, enchanting, romance, attractive, gorgeous and awesome. All these have overwhelming floral fragrances which lasts for hours.

Shahrazed Perfumed Talc makes the skin stain smooth and dry with lovely smell throughout the day. It is not irritating on skin.

Shahrazed Perfumed Talc is made from very fine talcum powder for your skin and provided with fragrances that keeps you fresh 24 hours. All the fragrances are unique itself and are made considering taste of all human beings.

Packing Information : The Shahrazed Perfumed Talc bottles are packed in a display stand. There are 12 bottles in every stand. For easy handling and storage, we pack two stands in a carton. The Stands and Cartons are printed and strong enough to protect goods from damage.

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